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School Rules

Administration and teachers' rules are regulated by §§ 86,87 and 88 of the Hessian Education Act for Schools


School Rules for pupils:

  1. School property must be used as intended and treated with care.

  2. In school breaks we play with the others; aggressive behaviour is avoided and I respect both my classmates and teachers. I do not insult anyone with my words, gestures or actions.

  3. I always speak in a friendly and polite way and greet others.

  4. In case of any dispute, I will attempt to settle it, and if not possible, ask for help.

  5. I help others wherever I can.

  6. If I feel uncomfortable or a situation is troubling, I will express my concern with a loud and clear "STOP“! I also respect others who say "STOP!“

  7. When I use the bathroom, I respect the others. I leave the toilet seat down and clean. I close the door behind me.

  8. I do not use other people's possessions without asking.

  9. I cannot bring the following things to school: dangerous objects (teachers decide what things are possibly dangerous), mobile phones, chewing gum, sweets and soft drinks, toys (at teachers' discretion)

  10. I am on time for all lessons and after breaks.

  11. I follow the rules and keep to the breaks when eating and drinking are allowed.


Information Sheet for Parents:

  1. I will explain to my child what behaviour is appropriate at school and how others are to be treated in group settings.

  2. I will arrange for my child to arrive at school on time and be picked up not later than 18.00.

  3. I ensure that my child always wears appropriate school attire which is clean and neat.

  4. I will make sure that my child always has a good night's sleep to avoid tiredness at school.

  5. I will provide my child with a healthy breakfast.

  6. Drinks regulations: the school accepts the provision of mineral water which can be drunk during breaks.(A teacher may allow exceptions in lesson time.)

  7. I will make sure that my child does his/her homework (if he/she is picked up earlier from school).

  8. In case of illness I will not send my child to school.

  9. When my child is ill, the school must be informed before lessons begin.

  10. As soon as my child returns after illness, I will give reasons in writing for his/her non-attendance (medical certificate if necessary).

  11. I will make sure that my child does not bring any unauthorized objects to school (toys, mobile phones, MP3 players, chewing gum etc.


These school rules have been discussed, agreed and authorized at the school parent meeting on 19.3.2013


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