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Main Schule​

When registering your child in 1st class, you can choose between German-Russian or German-English bilingual classes. The Main Schule is a state-approved private all-day school located in Frankfurt with German, Russian and English as its working languages. The school is part of the German education system and issues nationally recognized school certificates. Main Schule welcomes children of all nationalities and no knowledge of Russian language is required. Open enrollment into all existing classes is available at any time during the school year.

Empty Classroom


• Lessons and full-day care from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

• Immersive learning: every day the children intensively engage in one of the languages and thus acquire extensive knowledge in each language

• Homework assistance with qualified teachers

• Various afternoon activities in creative, musical, sports, performance, linguistics and scientific areas

• Courses during the holiday season and school breaks

• Nurturing each child’s individual talents and skills

• International Exchange programs with the school, such as exchange programs for students, teachers, tutors and education staff

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